High Speed Rail

Site for Singapore Terminus Selected


The site for High Speed Rail project Terminus on Singapore side has been determined. The new High Speed Rail Station or Singapore Terminus will be located at Jurong Country Club, Jurong East. The club will be acquired to make way for the construction of the new terminus. The land has be gazette by Singapore Land Authority (SLA) while it will be handed to over before the end of 2016. The terminus is expected to occupy around 12 hectares of land while the rest of the acquired land will be made as mixed projects.

The new Terminus is expected to be located not too far from the existing Jurong East MRT station connected by walkaways to ease travelling between International and Domestic destination. Singapore Terminus will be built mostly underground and this proves a challenges as the area of the Jurong Country Club has soft soils. According to experts, thoroughly soil investigation that takes up to 1 year would be conducted for the feasibility of the project.

The new Singapore Terminus is expected to bring development to the area of Jurong East. Both Prime Minister Najib Razak and Lee hsien loong have agreed that the High Speed Rail project may take more than 5 years to complete due to complexity from the project. Travelling between Singaporea and Malaysia will be much easier while both countries are expected to benefit from it.

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