High Speed Rail

Malaysia Singapore High Speed Rail to start on 2017


Kuala Lumpur: According to Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) Dr Prodyutt Dutt , The high speed rail project connecting Malaysia and Singapore is expected to start on 2017 and to be completed within 5 years on 2022. Dr Prodyutt Dutt is the Chief Development officer for SPAD.  According to him the tender and reward for the HSR project is expected to be finalized on 2017. SPAD will also be working closely with Singapore government to jointly decide on the project.

The project will be rewarded based on open tender basis. Currently a few countries not limited to Japan, China and France are keen to help Malaysia to develop the High Speed Rail project. Dutt also mentioned that HSR will being immense positive benefits to both countries in terms of economy. Terminal cities will receive much economy boost as while as cities in between the HSR. High speedrail is an initiative by government’s Economic Transformation Program which purpose is to help propel Malaysia into an advance economy by the year 2020.