High Speed Rail

HSR Project going full speed


A new company MYHSR crop has been set by government of Malaysia which will be solely in charge of high speed rail project in Malaysia. The company will also take lead in making the HSR project into a reality. Mohd Nur Ismail Mohamed Kamal formely from SPAD is appointed as the first CEO of MyHSR. Mohd Nur will be taking over as CEO effectively on 1st September 2015.  According to Mohd Nur, he has big dreams for high speed rail project in Malaysia. HSR will being many economy benefit to the country. There will be huge development within 5 km radius along HSR station as well.

As stated by Mohd Nur, MyHSR is setup to take up the continuity of HSR project by SPAD. MyHSR will take the ownership of the high speed rail project while SPAD will maintain it’s function as regulator and policymaker and to continue in bilateral communication with Singapore. The HSR project will continue to tender phase and eventually to development phase

Mohd Nur will be setting up MyHSR office and will be hiring talent and expertise to implement the high speed rail project. MyHSR has also identified a few channels that is important to kickstart the high speed rail project

Among the important channels is the Government to Government bilateral discussions. MyHSR will be supporting SPAD to finalize the technical , commercial and bilateral agreement with Singapore.

The next channel would be to finalize the stations and alignment of the rail track. All details includes feasibility study, environmental assessments and soil test on stations and tracks used by high speed rail.

After the second phase would be the tender process for the project. The tender would depends on operation structure that is agreed by Malaysia and Singapore government.

The project will then move into it’s fourth phase where HSR services will be maximize to bring economy and development along it’s corridor. State government and local authority will be consulted to attract investment and employment from HSR stations.

Lastly, Malaysians will need be engaged to see HSR as an economy project rather than transport project. HSR is inline with international policies and will bring many benefits to the people

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